Passion for…

Laughing till my stomach hurts
my nephews and nieces

the music

a good book

my friends
a hug
to draw

to cook


watching pics

walking in the sand

my fb shitz

to cry with non sense and then feel better

the sea


the rain

a nice fire

my blog

the sun


my hair
my eyes

the skin
the eréctil
the stones
the energy

to be calm

the life

the dead

the snow

my favourite jacket

my nice cobertor

the perfume I wear

the perfume I wish u have



discovering you.

Smart chats




To write

The sentences with “us” on them.







There are secrets that I will tell you …secrets that did cost me scars.
Thousands of stories watched; the result of several items …
You should know, the silences speak …
Do not let your eyes be closed without seeing or talking the person you could not let go in the morning.

When you start a relationship not expect the other to change, in fact those first moments will surely be the most passionated you have, even if it lasts your whole life …will be other passions … but not that one of the beginning.

Confess, but not all, reserves, some.…

You can talk about your exs, but not to make them part of your day.
Nor to compare nor let they compare to you.

Leave space to his/her friends, at the end, they are the ones who put balance in your life.

You can never should be too sure of the length … to be careful is not to be jealous, it is to be alert.

Do not argue about those things that wouldn´t be the reason you would break up.

Learn to “listen” to attitudes …

Her/His care, their ways of spending free time …

The Calm … The reason that he / she wishes to return home.

And when the body was not the one which express the passion … cultivate the soul, with memories … Be the companion of life, who she/he chose time ago.

Procure to have the necessary word that redeem a typical day.

Being something special for someone, only comes from knowing what the other person feels and needs. And sometimes it’s just a word at the right time
a hug with exact duration

A look when the rest is empty.


quiet love

quiet love

There are many kinds of love… The passion, the attraction, the friendship, the crazy one,

The one that have us like living an action movie.

And the others maybe more quiet.

That ones that you know will be there always like in “stand by”…. Frozen in time.

So you find yourself watching you and the other person interacting and feeling. Smilling and being happy. And you know will be like this for ever. Not worse than this, but not better etiher.

Like a good food without being well cooked.

Has all what it should… but has not enough to be perfect.

Somentimes the distance, somentimes personal stuff…Sometimes the correct person in the wrong time or place.

But meanwhile you have peace in heart, that every hug, every talk, every moment shared will be

A pic in your memory, a happy tear holding a bear, a love movie, a good book.

Adorable  and peaceful…Like being with that one.


Almost like a tear

invasive rolling

sweat drop through my body

I let myself fall

just to feel the heat of the sand

pores pain

as feelings

opened embedded.

Closed eyes,

the purple veins

are the poison of not seeing you

And the sun


as burning your memories

and reborn

and bloom as the cactus

only once,


to you stay away

to not be hurt

to not be discovered

And my drops give life

and my flesh feeds

and my feelings float in the sun


And I’ll be in your senses

in the air

in the dune.

Just to make you remember

how was to be loved.

So you are there in the middle of the nothing

and in the middle of your whole life

you sit there to see your life pass

you feel your breath

feel the skin touched with a wild wind

a wind which prolly not touch more than your soul.

You have in front a destiny as each day

but this time is simply evident

You can can watch the real dimension of other lifes.

Paying attention in each miracle

A plant, a bird, an stone

You inhalate life you inhalate death.

Round you the abyss…

sometimes you see it outta there

somtimes you are your own abyss

Like feeling yourself the same emptiness

Both depredators.

watching themselves to their eyes.

deciding who eat to who.

The one who win never look at its back.

And in your eyes tears

and in your inside questions

and in your brain imagens

no times, no senses.

You close your eyes and chose a direction

 You decide the chapter which follows…

The pain to know you struggle with your worst enemy,

The pain to know you find him infront of the mirror.

and you give the first step to your safe side.

and the inmensity opens the views of all the answers

And all the relevant dissapear as dust.

and you smile giving thanks for the extasis.

Thats you and your soul and your fears.

A moment near God.


ccccccAfter all, you really live when you has had death arround you.



Happy women´s day….

para todos

You are a woman, a daughter, a sister, a mother, a grandaughter, a friend, a worker, a wife.
You are here, in this time, in this moment, for a reason.
you have born to love and be loved, to make someonelse life better.
You have suffered, smiled, had doubts and tears.
You are worried for the future, thinking in the people who you love.
You are fragile as a flower and have the soul of a phoenix.
You mistake, you fall and you still try…
you deserv your rights never mind your culture.
Fighting your own battles…
Happy Women´s Day…..Euge…


Gracias por incentivar las letras, gracias por darme la fuerza cuando tenía el alma muda.

Tuvimos un cmienzo extraño pero gracias a eso pudimos conocernos.

Creo que sos una caja de sorpresas…Buenas.


Creo que te mereces lo mejor…

Deseo que mires este año la estrella de Belen que todos tenemos.

que la navidad sea en el corazon…que tengas esperanza.

que la vida sonría.