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True Love

I find myself in each heartbeat when I find you.  Between absenses and misunderstandings, Rebuilding an “us” …. Lost in hidden  IMs,  that show we are strong enough… No matter what. Still here. No distance, no ppl.  walls crash and every word becomes a hug. Everything has sense…Including the tears.
The hard is not to wait, the hard is knowing nothing will come.
Same,  you arrive to me with a simple hello,  and time stops….
   You have  me, cos  you has read my soul…You will always have me cos You can spin my world…

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Inside my world

closing my eyes

Dreaming simple things…Missing you….

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There are sounds that can transport you, same as music, same as some familiar smells.

If I could close eyes now…I can remember each word we had, each song listened together, each pic, each hug…

http://youtu.be/t8iipjZIAMU   And the ways we has walked, and the ones we never will make….and the plans we could have had.

Some words are stucked in my heart, kill to have them, but cover an scar, which never stopped bleeding.


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Nine … (me)


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Es la necesidad de salvación que permanentemente aclama a gritos.

Amar lo desconocido, es posible?

Es un reflejo de lo que nos gustaría, una utopía, un anhelo, un deseo pedido bajo un puente?…

Palabras al azar, al viento, al mar.

Un barco sin mas brujula que el destino, hundiendose, y aun asi queriendo volver a casa.

Cerrar los ojos y tratar de encontrar los mensajes escondidos de un tablero que no entiendo.

Los juegos sin reglas solo ayudan al dolor.

Los barcos en las tormentas son sólo el capricho de Poseidón.

Y sin embargo esta cancion me dice que aun es posible.

que aun hay tiempo.

y sigo viendo caerse las paredes a mis espaldas.

y sigo viendo un bote desapareciendo en el agua.

Y sigo cantando intentando conocer tu musica.




(esta cancion fue recomendada por adriana, muchas gracias)

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   There is something to be listed between the concepts of reparation, intrinsic, mysterious and wise, as one which holds the secret of absolute truth, absolutely nothing being resistant to erosion, no doubt I would say it’s the time.

   I find in it the wonderful art that something intangible can just break another thing so real, as true as that a plausible fact which cause all a subjective past in a life, could just and simply disappear becoming nonexistent memory.


Sí hay algo que enumerar entre reparador, intrínseco, misterioso y  sabio; como el que  guarda el secreto de la verdad absoluta, siendo estrictamente nada resistente a su erosión,  sin duda alguna diría que es el tiempo. Encuentro en él, el maravilloso arte de que algo intangible pueda simplemente desintegrar lo real, tan verídico como aquello plausible de provocar la sumatoria de efectos que forjan un pasado desaparezca simplemente haciéndose inexistente.

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One cannot and must not try to erase the past merely because it does not fit the present.

I don´t regret anything lived, I don´t want to erase any moment.

I would like to stay in the memory as all is in mine.

But still I never would obligate or beg to be an imagen in a mind.

I know  how to lose. I know how to leave. I know how to let it go.

And this not means that I am not broken although I smile.


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